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----20 Years On The Market
Baikal woodenhouse has been in wooden house industry since year 1996, originally it’s a lumber processing factory. Through 20 years production, construction, marketing of wooden house, nowadays it’s widely known as one of the most famous wooden house brand in China. This brings good reputation, more than 2500 workers, and stable quality and many decent client from all over the world.
----Multi Supply Chain
We located in the boundary of China and Russia, nearly 85% lumber imported from Russia would go through our wood industrial park. We have 5.1km railway in our own industrial park. We have lumber processing factory, furniture factory, activated carbon factory, largest wood drying factory in China,  wooden house hotel, have more than half of wood dring kiln in China.
----Huge Project Experience
Our project spread all over China, from north to south, east to west.
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