110 Thickness Wooden House

Factory Price:USD750/m²
Material: Scots Pine(Pinus Sylvestris)
Thickness: 70mm
Lifespan: More than 100 years

Unit Price:USD750/m²
Material: Scots Pine(Pinus Sylvestris)
Thickness: 110mm
Lifespan: More than 100 years
Baikal Wooden House Co.,ltd is located in Shenzhen,China, our factory is located in Inner Monglia,the boundry of China and Russia,we've been this field for more than 20 years.  Our products range from small log cabins to large houses, even huge hotel and mansion. The whole house is made by Scots Pine, Which is imported from Russia.This kind of wood brings several features to the house.

  1. Environmental protection.
  1. The thickness of the wall range from 110mm to 160mm,the heat protection is much better than normal concrete house.( thermal conductivity is 0.14, while concrete is 0.84).  It saves at least 50% of the energy consumption compared with concrete house.
  2. The material of scots pine could be reused many times, while concrete only once.
  3. During construction. Concrete houses generate many exhaust gas and waste water, and many labor word plus a lot of electricity.
  1. Extraordinary life span. Our patented dehydration and drying process brings the optimum
moisture ratio, plus the steady assemblage,it will stand firmly for more than 70 years.
  1. Anti-corrosion and termite.Due to low moisture, and surface finish with wood oil,it won't easily corrode like normal wooden house.And the unique fragrance would keep the termite away.
  2. Fireproof. 110~160mm thickness wooden wall is extremely difficult to catch fire. When fire reaches the house. A carbide layer would be produced in the surface to prevent the spark turn to flames, so as for people get enough time to get out of the house and extinguish the fire.




110mm wood material






Roof(rafters and purlins)

Insulated cotton

Asphalt shingles